About Us

Passionate about health and wellness, about sustainability, and supporting local products, the Simply Canadian team strives to bring wholesome, Canadian-made products to market.

At Simply Canadian we look for companies that make products we would use ourselves. Each of our product lines falls within our beliefs that it is important as consumers to support products that are:

  • High Quality
  • Healthy
  • Wholesome
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Canadian owned, operated and/or manufactured, using as much Canadian ingredients as possible

Simply Canadian also believes that you are more than just the products you create. Your story, passion and hard work should be a primary selling feature of your product. What brought you to focus all of your time, energy and resources on making a high quality product is what can set you apart from the rest.


We chose to work with Jonathan, Tania and the Simply Canadian team because they not only understand our brand, they live our brand! Further they have a deep understanding of the wellness industry and how consumers connect with products and brands that can enhance their healthy lifestyles. Combined with their strong customer-service orientation and their bias for selling, the Simply Canadian team has the entire package we look for in a business partner.

Bill Baker

Owner, Consonant Skincare