The Natural Tastes of Canada…

Striving to provide¬†the finest pure wild food products, Forbes Wild Foods harvests these unique foods in remote regions all across the country. Wild foods are more organic than agriculturally grown organic foods because they grow in chemically-free, natural environments where the conditions suit them best…where nature intended them to grow.

Maple Syrups

Maple Syrup is the gift we originally received from the Ojibway and Six Nations peoples. Produced from the sap of the sugar maple, pure maple syrup is ideal for cooking because of its deep, rich flavour. Although excellent on pancakes, this syrup gives the flavour sensation you want in maple-walnut pie or other dishes that require flavourful sweetening.

Amber – Single-Source Certified Organic
Medium – Single-Source Certified Organic
Dark – Single- Source Natural

Available in  250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 4 L bottles.


Birch Syrup

Birch Syrup is a rare treat. Although it can be made from the black sweet birch and the yellow birch, most birch syrup is made from the white birch tees that grow across northern Canada. Its fabulous taste is quite unique. It is semi-sweet, very unusual, and is sometimes described as combining the flavours of honey, caramel, liquorice, and molasses, with a spicy, balsamic aftertaste. It is used as a glaze for salmon, scallops, or pork tenderloin, in barbecue sauces, marinades, or salad dressings. In desserts, it can be used to wake up a plain white cake mix, combined with whipped cream or ice-cream, or added to a wild rice pudding. It has a strong flavour and is often used as vanilla is used, as an extract. It is nothing like maple syrup, and a little birch syrup goes a long way.

Available in 100 ml and 250 ml bottles.