Jewels Under the Kilt is an Ontario Nut Farming Family producing gourmet roasted nuts and nut products.

Roasted Nuts

A great roasted nut is one in which the integrity of the nut is kept while infusing flavours like pear, cinnamon, chipotle, chocolate and maple. Roasted in-house using locally sourced ingredients, these gourmet nuts are made with care and pride.

Maple Chipotle Pecan
Maple Chipotle Pecan

Pecan Flavours:

Maple: Pecan, Ontario maple syrup
Maple Chipotle: Pecan, chipotle powder, Ontario maple syrup
Maple Apple Pie: Pecan, Ontario apples, cinnamon, Ontario maple syrup
Maple Pumpkin Pie: Pecan, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, Ontario maple syrup

Walnut Flavours:

Maple Cinnamon:  Walnuts, cinnamon , Ontario maple syrup
Maple Pear Ginger: Walnuts, green pear, ginger, Ontario maple syrup
Peach Amanda: Walnuts, peaches, ginger,  Ontario maple syrup

Hazelnut Flavours:

Maple Chocolate:  Hazelnuts, cacao, Ontario maple syrup
Maple Espresso: Hazelnuts, roasted Sumatra coffee, Ontario maple syrup, cinnamon, cacao

In-Shell Nuts

Our in-shell nuts are sold by the pound, or 1/2 pound.

Available Nuts: