Product Representation

Simply Canadian is a small Product Rep company with a different approach. When you grow your business it’s important to maintain control of your growth so you do not become overextended. We understand that and will move at your pace.

With our team of reps we take your message to storeowners, managers and employees. This is done in person to better relay your story and your passion for what you do. Every product we represent is a product that we test ourselves, so that we can better understand how the product works and sell it with as much passion as you do.

Client relationships are maintained with regular contact so that your product remains stocked, up-to-date and well represented at each location. We educate staff about you and your company and how to use and sell your products, including providing personal samples, to ensure accurate representation through the whole sales chain.

Covering an agreed upon geographic territory, we establish which industries to target (ie. Grocery & Health Food retailers, Restaurants, Drug stores, Sporting Goods stores, etc) to maximize success in the marketplace.

We provide different types of representation.

Sales Representation:

  • Sales with full disclosure to you.
  • You ship directly to customers.
  • We invoice customers and forward payment to you
  • We bill monthly commissions
  • We maintain relationships with customers and keep you informed.

Warehousing & Distribution:

  • We warehouse your products.
  • We ship and invoice directly to customers.
  • We maintain relationships with customers.

For more information about how we can bring your products to new markets, contact us today.


The team at Simply Canadian is going to be an effective force for JK Gourmet as we expand our footprint in the west. The dynamic duo of Tania and Jonathan is committed and ambitious, bringing an intelligent, informed, and high-energy approach to their work. They possess a keen understanding of our brand, and the retailing environment into which they’re selling.

With our ever-expanding line, Simply Canadian is a great fit to open new doors in a market that hungers for healthy, delicious products like JK Gourmet.

Steven Bager

Grain Free JK Gourmet